Pueblo Area Emergency Responders Meet to Plan for Future Prarie Fires

Emergency responders representing the U.S. Army’s Pueblo Chemical Depot, Pueblo County firefighters and law enforcement and Colorado Department of Emergency Management, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Colorado State Patrol met today for a “tabletop discussion” as they plan and coordinate emergency response for potential wild land fires in the area.

Today’s discussions will help planners as they prepare a scenario where all agencies will test their response capabilities. Approximately 20 personnel from the various agencies attended today’s event.

“Lots of spring moisture in this region increases our native plants and grasses and we know that when the heat dries these mature plants, we have to be ready to respond to these rapidly moving prairie fires,” said Wes Huntley, Chief of the depot’s Fire Department. “There are no jurisdiction perimeters in these situations. We have to step up to help wherever we’re needed.”

The tornado and fire seasons are both active in Southern Colorado and the fast moving events require quick response actions among all area responders.

Any actual training exercises will be announced in advance.

For any questions about this exercise, contact:
Chuck Sprague
Public Affairs Officer
Pueblo Chemical Depot
Cell 719-569-1089