ICS-300 Class - June 17-18, 2010 - Limon, CO

Having just received this from our DEM Training Officer, Robyn Knappe, I wanted to get it posted if anyone is interested in attending.

ICS-300 provides training on and resources for personnel who require advanced application of the Incident Command System (ICS) (download a copy of the course flier).  The course expands upon information covered in the ICS-100 and ICS-200 courses.

The class will be held at the Community building in Limon, CO, at 477 D. Avenue. You can register online at https://dola.colorado.gov/dem_training/75ez.

The target audience are individuals who may assume a supervisory role in expanding incidents or Type 3 incidents or larger.  Special emphasis will be given to emergency personnel who staff the State Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

For any questions about this or other training, contact Robyn Knappe at (720) 852-6617.