Public Health Emergency -

I wanted to pass along, if you had not seen it already, a site rolled out by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, called - "for Public Health Emergency" - that you should check out.  Broken down into target areas to assist public health and emergency management officials, the site contains a wealth of vetted links and info for health and med services support, specific info for fed/state/local planners, medical countermeasures, international prep and response, context docs for public health emergency response and detailed info on a wide range of subjects for responders, clinicians and practitioners.

In addition, the PHE coordinators are rolling out a complement of social media sites to augment the "hub" of including a PHE Facebook site, PHE Twitter Feed, PHE YouTube.  One of the cooler things the site has accomplished is tackling the problem of a central resource for links to other State public health social media sites and outlets (which can be found at  As a state agency involved in emergency management and operating in close coordination with our Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, it is very interesting to have a one-stop to see what our colleagues around the nation are doing with social media and online outreach and emergency notification.

Too, on the site, you will find links to the the latest National Situation Update and info regarding declared disasters and emergencies.  Whether you are interested in all-hazard health threats, food safety, air and water quality info or mental health issues and support, related to emergency management, there is something for you here.

So, take a minute and check out