NWS Winter Storm Info - NWS Use of Multi-Media

I just wanted to call attention to the National Weather Service's use of multi-media in making available their "Multimedia Winter Storm Briefing" on their NWS Goodland, KS, site about the still-evolving storm projected to impact Colorado - in particular, Eastern Colorado - and into Kansas for this holiday travel week.

Like most of Colorado, we here at the Division are obviously keeping an eye on weather developments as we head into the holiday travel weekend.  Over the past few days, as we normally do when a winter storm appears developing that will impact Colorado, we have joined with our National Weather Service (NWS) and other partner agencies in routine conference calls/briefings regarding storm developments; we have been reviewing response plans and gathering info from our Regional Emergency Management Field Managers in impacted areas and locals to identify any anticipated needs (...a lot of Emergency Management is a "let's take a look at that, just in case" business...).

In any event, the NWS shop out in Goodland, KS, put together this multimedia briefing to help merge images and discussion/projections and I thought it was cool, so... take a look.