Colorado Avalanche Information Center - Snow Condition/Warning Feeds

If you are in emergency management in Colorado, are a backcountry enthusiast or just a another snow nerd, you are probably already familiar with the great work of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.  What you might not be aware of is that the CAIC has started to post updates on a number of geographic-specific twitter feeds for real-time updates of warnings, snow conditions and over-the-horizon analysis.  The feed(s) can be found on the CAIC page buried in the 'help/about' tab at  Take a look, the tool is just developing but as we get into the winter season, I think this will be a valuable tool for all of us.  In particular, the ability for the CAIC to receive updates from people in the field and maintain an in-the-field accessible communication about conditions, I think, will be extremely valuable.