DHSEM Employee Awards

Congratulations to the following Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) award recipients.   The following DHSEM staff members were presented awards during today's Annual DHSEM Staff Retreat:

Director's Award

Plaque and Letter for a team or individual who through outstanding leadership, initiative, ingenuity and great effort exemplifies the Mission, Vision, and Values, of the Division, Department or Office during the course of a disaster response or recovery; or through working with stakeholders in the State, or local governments to include prevention, protection, mitigation, response, recovery, problem solving or planning improvements. Steve Boand, Office of Emergency Management

Official Commendation Award

Certificate Award for employees who, through leadership and determination, display exemplary conduct and demeanor, while performing assigned duties in an unusually effective and efficient manner while exemplifying the mission, goals and objectives of the Division, Department or Office.

  • Lindsey Shaw, Office of Emergency Management
  • Sean Settle, Office of Emergency Management
  • Riley Frazee, Office of Emergency Management
  • Hart Gillespie,  Office of Emergency Management
  • Mark Peti, 
  • Chi Robertsen, Office of Preparendess

Merit Award

Certificate Award for employees who distinguish themselves through exceptional meritorious service, personal initiative, tenacity and great effort or ingenuity, contributes to the preservation of life, health and safety of a community or individuals during times of disaster; or through recognition from stakeholders during the effort to further the Mission, Vision, and Values, of the Division, Department or Office.

  • Kristina Bomba, Office of Prevention/ CIAC
  • Dana Reynolds, Office of Emergency Management
  • Fran Santagata, Office of Preparedness
  • Cory Stark, Office of Emergency Management
  • Justine Wilman, Office of Emergency Management
  • Lynn Bailey, Office of Preparedness
  • Jo Barrios, Office of Emergency Management