DHSEM Subrecipient Monitoring Team

DHSEM is rolling out a new division-wide monitoring initiative that will cover all sub-recipients who were awarded grants by the division. This new initiative will streamline our sub-recipients monitoring process and help us comply with grants' requirements. The initiative includes three types of monitoring:
  1. Desk review monitoring of A133 Single Audit results 
  2. On-site monitoring for selected sub-recipients
  3. Ongoing grant specific monitoring (managed by program managers)
DHSEM's Sub-recipient Monitoring Team will conduct Single Audit desk reviews for all sub-recipients during the State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2016, and will also conduct on-site monitoring of a sample of sub-recipients utilizing a risk based tool that takes into considerations three risk factors: financial, operational, and compliance. The monitoring team will notify the selected jurisdictions via email with instructions regarding the next step in the process. Within few days we will share with you the monitoring schedule for SFY 2016.

Questions should be sent to Ezzie Michaels at ezzie.michaels@state.co.us