Nick Mountain/Bald Mountain Prescribed Burn

News release from Upper Colorado River Interagency Fire Management

Fire officials with the Upper Colorado River Interagency Fire Management Unit (UCR) plan to conduct prescribed burning in the Nick Mountain/Bald Mountain area beginning Wednesday, May 21. Approximately 986 acres consisting of Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service managed lands are planned to be burned. Fire officials anticipate that burning activities will include establishing an enhanced fireline around the area by “burning out” vegetation immediately adjacent to the constructed fireline. Continuing on Thursday, May 22, fire officials anticipate aerial ignition using a helicopter to burn the remainder of the unit(s).

The Nick Mountain prescribed burn unit is located approximately 4 to 5 miles southeast of Molina, Colorado. Plans call for burning in mixed mountain shrub ecological communities to promote wildlife habitat. Five UCR engines and approximately 30 firefighters will be on the burn to manage activities and ensure that the burn is accomplished safely and with the prescribed burn plan parameters.

A detailed burn plan outlines the parameters for the prescribed burn and contains specific criteria regarding weather conditions, staffing and air quality that must be met to help ensure control of the burn as well as to minimize the potential smoke impacts to local communities. A Smoke Permit has been obtained from the Colorado State Air Pollution Control Division for the burn and identifies conditions for implementation. Smoke may be visible in the Plateau Valley area for a few days during and after the burn as vegetation continues to smolder. Fire crews will continue to monitor the area following completion of the burn to ensure public safety.

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