July 25 Colorado Wildfire Report

About this report: This wildfire update is provided by the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in partnership with the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control to keep you informed of current wildfires for which the State is currently supporting and monitoring. The update does not cover all wildfires currently burning in Colorado that may be smaller incidents.

Airpark Fire
Jurisdiction: Southern Ute Indian
Location: 4 Miles south of Durango
Cause: Lightning
Acres: 499 acres (Inciweb had a type on their site resulting in a drastic reduction in acreage.
Containment: 85 percent (projected 100% containment is July 28 at 7 PM)
Evacuations: None
Closures: None
Fatalities/Injuries: None
Structures Lost/Damaged: None reported
Significant Events: Firefighters continued to make good progress on building and securing fire line today. The line remaining to be built is located on the east flank in the vicinity of Pine Canyon.
Estimated cost is $576,000.
Resources: Type III IMT will transition management back to the Southern Ute Agency at 5 PM. All resources released except for two 20 person hotshot crews, a safety officer, a finance person and aircraft personnel.
Sources: RMACC, Type III Team PIO

Conway Fire
Fire Jurisdiction:   BLM land
Location/County:  Moffat County:  The fire is 2.5 miles southeast of Gates of Ladore and is 1.5 miles east of Dinosaur National Monument.
Cause: Lightning
Acres/Land Ownership: 213 acres
Containment: 95%
Evacuations: None
Closures: None
Fatalities/Injuries to Date: None reported
Structures Lost/Damaged: None reported
Significant Events:  Crews continue to build and secure lines.  Current cost approximately $206,050
Resources:   2 Type I crews, 1 Type II crew, 1 helicopter, 3 engines, 67 personnel, Type IV Incident Management Team
Source(s): Inciweb.org, Follow us on Twitter at @NWCOFireUnit, RMACC

Long Mesa Fire
Fire Jurisdiction:  BLM
Location/County:  Black Ridge Canyon Wilderness Area, 21 miles west of Grand Junction
Cause:  Lightning
Acres:  150 acres (Better visibility and more accurate mapping capabilities reduced the size of the affected area of the fire from yesterday)
Containment:  30 percent
Evacuations:  None
Closures:  None reported
Injuries/Fatalities:  None reported
Structures lost/damaged: None reported
Significanat Events: Fire has run into natural barriers and sparse fuels limiting spread. Fire GPS today resulting in reduced size from initial report. This will be final report unless significant activity occurs.
Resources: 13 personnel, 2 helicopters
Follow us on Twitter at @NWCOFireUnit (General Information) and @RM_InciTeamA, RMACC

Today’s Fire Outlook
The fire situation rating for the Rocky Mountain Area remains at Preparedness Level 4, the highest level possible is 5. This rating indicates highly complex large fire activity is occurring, with multiple large fires in the zone. Fire severity is extreme as reported in multiple areas, and fires are escaping initial attack, as evident by the number of large fires. Multiple regional dispatch centers are experiencing an incident requiring type-1 or type-2 teams, and a majority of zone resources are committed.

View COEM’s current map of Colorado Fire Restrictions at:


There are no active watches, warnings or advisories for Colorado.  For more information go to http://www.weather.gov/alerts-beta/co.php?x=1.

A map can be viewed at http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/firewx/main.php.

Resources for updates on wildfires:
•               INCIWEB:  www.inciweb.org  - Select the State in the drop down in upper right hand corner
•               Colorado Office of Emergency Management:  www.COEmergency.com
o   Contains incident updates
o   Contains Current Colorado Fires Map link(right hand side of page)
o   Contains information on fire restrictions in the state
•               US Forest Service Active Fire Map: http://activefiremaps.fs.fed.us/lg_fire2.php
•               Rocky Mountain Area Coordination Center:  http://gacc.nifc.gov/rmcc/