National Preparedness - Presidential Policy Directive/PPD-8

Hans Kallam, Director, Division of Emergency Management, notes that on March 30, 2011, President Obama issued Presidential Policy Directive 8, which replaces Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD) 8 - National Preparedness (issued Dec 17, 2003) and HSPD-8 Annex I - National Planning (issued December 4, 2007).  Director Kallam notes the highlights of the revision include:
  • Directs the development of a national preparedness goal that identified core capabilities needed for preparedness
  • The development of a national preparedness system to guide activities to achieve the goal
  • It adds "mitigation" in addition to the other four primary mission areas of: prevent, protect, respond, recover
  • It sets time lines for implementation and requirements for consulting with state, local, tribal, private sector and non-profit organizations
  • The system will maintain the plan, organize, equip, train, exercise (POETE) preparedness focus to building capabilities
  • It pushes the issue of assessing capabilities using quantifiable performance measures against target capability levels to determine operations readiness
  • It adds emphasis on preparedness planning for business, communities, families and individuals
  • It defines National Preparedness, Security, Resilience, Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response and Recovery.
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