Disaster Management Institute - Call for Speakers - Aurora, CO

If you, or someone you know in the field(s) of emergency management/homeland security, is interested in speaking on a particular subject to the Intro to Emergency Management or Intro to Homeland Security classes with the Disaster Management Institute at the Community College of Aurora, Clinton Andersen, Director of the Disaster Management Institute is looking for speakers.

While a guest speakership is not paid, it is a great opportunity to get together with students (and future colleagues!) of the field to provide your insight, knowledge, and expertise on emergency management/homeland security issues.   If you are interested in speaking on any of the topics below, get in touch with Clinton at clinton.andersen@ccaurora.edu or at (303) 340-7068.

February 16 - Terrorist –Related Hazards
February 18 - The Disciplines of Emergency Management: Preparedness
February 23 - Safety and Security
February 25 - The Disciplines of Emergency Management: Communications
March 2 - Mitigation, Prevention, and Preparedness
March 4 - The Disciplines of Emergency Management: Response
March 9 - Response and Recovery
March 11 - The Disciplines of Emergency Management: Recovery
March 16 - Communications
March 18 - International Disaster Management
March 23 - Technology
March 25 - Emergency Management and the Terrorist Threat
April 13 - The Future of Homeland Security
April 15 - The Future of Emergency Management

Classes are listed chronologically, but cover both the emergency management and homeland security courses.  Each class is held from 6:00 pm - 8:40 pm on the days listed.  Clinton also notes that, if you are interested in covering a specific topic but can't make the listed date/time above or the topic isn't listed, the schedule is flexible so that topic can be worked to fit your schedule/interest.