Course Announcement - FEMA E/L548 - Continuity Managers Train the Trainer - 2/22-24 - Ft Collins, CO

The Continuity Manager’s Train-the-Trainer Course (B/E/L-548) reflects the new requirements of National Security Presidential Directive-51/Homeland Security Presidential Directive-20, the National Continuity Policy Implementation Plan, Federal Continuity Directives 1 and 2, and Continuity Guidance Circular 1.

The objectives of this 2.5 day train-the-trainer course include defining continuity of operations, explaining the benefits of a viable continuity plan and program, identifying elements of a viable continuity program, identifying processes, resources, and tasks necessary for implementing and managing a successful continuity program. The course is intended for continuity program managers of both Federal and non-Federal organizations.

February 22-24, 2011
8:00 am - 4:30 pm (Tues/Weds)
8:00 am - 2:45 pm (Thurs)

2150 Centre Avenue
Bldg D Platte Conference Room
Fort Collins CO 80526

Tuition: No  Charge
REGISTER ONLINE at the Colorado Federal Executive Board, Emergency Preparedness web site:  

Contact:  Roger Jones  303 969 5202