2011 Colorado EM Conference - Info Sources

While the 2011 Colorado Emergency Management Conference doesn't kick off until Tuesday (March 1, 2011), we wanted to provide an advance list of the info sources you can use to follow Conference activities, view/download presentation materials, photos and links.  The primary "hub" for Conference information will be the COEmergency site at http://coemergency.com (note - the site has been configured to be mobile friendly if you are checking it on the go!).  In addition to checking the COEmergency site, there are a variety of options this year to keep up with activities:

COEmergency - Colorado Division of Emergency Management
COEmergency Main Site - http://coemergency.com
COEmergency Facebook - http://facebook.com/coemergency
COEmergency Twitter (@coemergency) - http://twitter.com/coemergency
-- conference posts will be using #coem - if you are posting about the conference, too, include the tag!
COEmergency Update - Colorado Em Mgmt email service (distro each morning, between 5-7 am)
-- posts to include coverage of the conference, as well as, notices re: agenda/conference news, presentations and handout links
-- register your email at http://coemergency.com, right side of page, under "COEmergency Update"
Colorado DEM Headlines - news/headlines email service (each morning, between 5-7 am)
-- hand-selected links to emergency management-related articles from across Colorado
-- register your email at http://coemergency.com, right side of page, under "CO - Daily Headlines"
SMS/Text Updates - on your mobile device, text "follow coemergency" to 40404

Colorado Emergency Management Association (CEMA)
CEMA - Main Site - http://www.cemacolorado.com/

Eastern Colorado Incident Management Team (ECIMT)
ECIMT- Main Site - http://ecimt.info
ECIMT Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eastern-Colorado-IMT/103110586401945
ECIMT Twitter (@ecimt) - http://twitter.com/ecimt