Job Opportunity - Emergency Management Coordinator-Planning Section Coordinator - Denver, CO

The Denver Mayor's Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security has released a job announcement for an Emergency Management Coordinator-Planning Section Coordinator.

Job responsibilities include: Performs duty officer functions on a rotating basis, evaluates emergency/crisis incidents and, under the direction of the Director, coordinates agency operations and city/county response. May perform operational duties at emergency/crisis location.

Maintains the City’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) by coordinating with other City and County of Denver agencies, regional, and state partners to ensure the EOP adheres to federal guidance and is coordinated with other levels of government. This includes the development of functional and hazard specific annexes, as needed.

Facilitates planning functions for special events that occur within the City and County of Denver. This requires coordination with other City agencies to develop comprehensive incident action plans, as well as coordination with other operational entities to ensure the safety and security of events.

Coordinates the City’s Continuity of Operations and Continuity of Government Program, to include coordination with Agency COOP Managers to ensure timely planning updates and completion of assigned tasks.

Coordinate the development and maintenance of the City’s Hazard Mitigation Plan and Hazard Vulnerability Assessments.

Serve as the Planning Section Chief in the Emergency Operations Center during EOC Activations.

For more on the job and for application information, check out the Emergency Management Coordinator-Planning Section Coordinator job announcement.