Job Opportunity - Grants Program Manager - Governor's Office of Homeland Security

Great opportunity to join the Governor's Office of Homeland Security!  Established in 2008, the Governor's Office of Homeland Security (GOHS) provides leadership for the State's homeland security initiatives, coordinates homeland security efforts of state agencies and local governments and administers federal Homeland Security Grants.  The office mission encompasses threats related to terrorist activities and natural disasters.

The GOHS Grants Program Manager manages grant activities, including overseeing financial and operational grant activities, managing awards, reviewing required reports and reimbursements, providing technical assistance to grantees, monitoring grant awards and ensuring compliance with grant requirements.  The position is a non-classified position.  For more details on the GOHS Grants Program Manager position and to apply, see the GOHS Grant Program administrator announcement.

For what it is worth, our Division's offices are co-located with the GOHS and, obviously, with our common objectives our offices and staff work very closely together.  I only raise that to add that, knowing the team, the staff and the structure of the GOHS, this is an incredible opportunity to do not only an important task for Colorado security and safety but to join a very, very cool group of dedicated people.  Don't pass on it.

For any questions and to apply, contact Pushita Loffreda, GOHS, at (720) 852-6602 or at