El Paso County - Exercise Volunteers Needed! - June 5, 2010

There are few volunteer days that can be more insightful and useful to your local emergency responders than supporting exercise play.  Often, volunteers are asked to be victims or players such as onlookers, media, etc and make the training much more realistic for the police, firefighters and paramedics.

On Saturday, 5 June El Paso County first responders will be conducting a full scale exercise.  They are looking for people to be role-players/victims for this event.  If you are interested please see the attached flyer for how to sign up.

From the notice:  "Please note that this will be an all-day affair--7 am to 6 pm.  Kids under the age of 13 can not participate.  Kids 13 -17 must be part of a recognized group e.g. boy or girl scouts, church group, that come with parental supervision.  Individual kids 13 and older can participate if the parent also participates.  All participants will be required to sign a waiver.  Kids WILL get separated from their parents/guardian during this exercise. You may get an ambulance ride and may spend several hours in a hospital before being released.  No on under the age of 18 will be transported in either Memorial Star or Flight for Life helicopters

Victims will be moulaged.  Our moulage "artists" are very good at their art so if you are easily bothered by the sight of blood you might want to pass on this opportunity."

Participating agencies are all 26 fire departments, Memorial and Penrose Hospitals, Flight for Life, Memorial Star, American Medical Response, several military installations, and the Hanover School District. 

Please give this flyer the widest possible distribution as we need a lot of victims for this exercise.  Once you sign up you will receive additional instructions by email including a briefing that you will be required to attend.  Thanks

For further information on this, contact Patricia Baxter, Emergency Manager for El Paso County at patriciabaxter@elpasoco.com