Hinsdale County Fast Facts: May 24, 2019

The Colorado State Emergency Operations Center will provide a weekly update on the Hinsdale County flood mitigation incident each Friday.  Look for a weekly update at 4 p.m following a daily update briefing.

Incident NameHinsdale County Flood Threat
Incident Start DateMarch 19, 2019
Location/CountyLake City / Hinsdale County
CauseAvalanche debris causing blockages leading to potential flood threats
EvacuationsNone at this time
Fatalities/InjuriesNone at this time
Structures Lost- 2 homes destroyed
- 1 home damaged
- Rose Lime Kiln destroyed
ResourcesUnified Coordination Group established on May 13, 2019
State Emergency Operations Center Level II Operations
Executive Order IssuedHinsdale County Declaration: May 7, 2019
State of Colorado Declaration: May 8, 2019
FundingDisaster Emergency Fund (DEF)
Information SourcesHinsdale County Website
Hinsdale County Facebook
Hinsdale County Twitter
Hinsdale County Incident Map
COEmergency Emergency Blog
COEmergency Twitter
COEmergency Facebook
HelpColoradoNow: Volunteer & Donation Website
Colorado Business EOC
Private Sector Disaster Support: Vendor Registration, Corporate Volunteers or Donations