Hinsdale County Fast Facts for May 31, 2019

Incident NameHinsdale County Flood Threat and Mitigation
Incident Start DateMarch 19, 2019
Location/CountyLake City / Hinsdale County
CauseAvalanche debris causing blockages leading to potential flood threats
EvacuationsNone at this time
Fatalities/InjuriesNone at this time
Structures Lost- 2 homes destroyed
- 1 home damaged
- Rose Lime Kiln destroyed
- Hidden Treasure Dam deconstruction started May 30
ResourcesUnified Coordination Group established on May 13, 2019
Executive Order IssuedHinsdale County Declaration: May 7, 2019
State of Colorado Declaration: May 8, 2019
FundingDisaster Emergency Fund (DEF)
Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) Program
Information SourcesHinsdale County Website
Hinsdale County Facebook
Hinsdale County Twitter
Hinsdale County Incident Map
COEmergency Emergency Blog
COEmergency Twitter
COEmergency Facebook
HelpColoradoNow: Volunteer & Donation Website
Colorado Business EOC
Private Sector Disaster Support: Vendor Registration, Corporate Volunteers or Donations