DHSEM Update: October 21

Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Update:  October 21

This Update includes information on:
  • Grant Information and Updates
  • FEMA Disaster Procurement Assistance Team Training 
  • SBA Injury Disaster Loans Available to Colorado Small Businesses
  • Colorado School and Businesses Needed for BASIC Prep Pilot Program
  • Colorado Emergency Management Association Award Nominations
  • Aurora Theater Shooting After Action Report
  • Job and Volunteer Opportunities
  • Kudos and Congratulations
  • Educational Resources
    • Ebola Resources
    • Emergency Management Summit in Denver
    • Facebook Disaster Check In Tool
    • Grant Funding Announcements from CDC's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
    • Red Rocks Community College Emergency Management Degree
    • Earthquake Preparedness Guide
  • Training Information