DHSEM and State EOC Continue to Monitor Weather Conditions on July 30

The State Emergency Operations Center remains at a Level IV activation.  At 11 a.m. the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management staff participated in a conference call with the National Weather Service Pueblo Forecast Office and local emergency managers for an update on current and predicted weather for the state. The State EOC staff will continue to monitor the weather and are ready to support local jurisdictions as requested. The weather information for today is:

  • Conditions are more stable today than yesterday, however there is still low-level moisture.  If storms develop, they will be capable of producing heavy rain, potentially 1-2" per hour.
  • Conditions are stable over the plains and are unlikely to produce flash flooding, so the flash flood warning has been cancelled, but showers with localized flooding are still possible.
  • Heaviest areas will be the eastern mountains out to the I-25 corridor.
  • Primary concern is sun/warmer temperatures producing instability. The El Paso and Teller Counties are the areas of concern for instability. Showers could start in this area as soon as 12 - 1 p.m., but more likely 3 - 6 p.m.. The Waldo Canyon burn scar has a heightened threat.
  • East Peak Fire burn scar has a lower level of threat and will start later in the day.
  • There is some drying over the San Luis Valley so no watch currently in effect, but there will be the seasonal hit-or-miss showers.
  • Tomorrow will be drier, but instability can still lead to afternoon and evening thunderstorms over the eastern mountains and plains. No watch is set, but local flooding is possible.
  • Drying will continue into the weekend, then moisture returns next week, all typical for the monsoon season for Colorado.
  • Of note: expect a daily threat over the Waldo Canyon burn scar in to early September based on seasonal norms.