Teller County Added to Colorado Disaster Declaration

Joint Press Release from the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and the Federal Emergency Management Agency

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has announced that Teller County has now been added to the June 28, 2012 presidential major disaster declaration for the Colorado fires.

Federal Coordinating Officer Gary Stanley of FEMA said, “At the request of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, FEMA has now made Teller County eligible for reimbursement for disaster related emergency protective measures related to the Waldo Canyon fire.”

President Obama declared the Waldo Canyon fire in El Paso County and the High Park fire in Larimer County a major disaster June 28, 2012.  At that time, reimbursement for eligible, disaster related emergency protective measures and disaster unemployment assistance and crisis counseling were approved for those burn areas.

The State of Colorado's Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and FEMA is contacting Teller County government entities and certain non profits about procedures to qualify for this assistance.

The assistance is provided under FEMA’s  Public Assistance Program.  This program can provide grants to local governments, state agencies and certain non profits for eligible, disaster related expenses.

Additional Public Assistance Program determinations are under consideration.

FEMA pays no less than 75 percent of the eligible costs.  The non federal share is made up of local resources.  The state administers the program.

Colorado counties with a current and adopted local hazard mitigation plan are eligible for the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.