Colorado Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster Workshop

Colorado Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (COVOAD) is a network of voluntary organizations working together to encourage more efficient service delivery to people affected by disasters in the State of Colorado. COVOAD achieves this by facilitating effective cooperation, coordination, communication, and collaboration at all community levels, and by providing a platform to foster partnerships among non-profit and faith-based organizations, the private sector and government agencies.

How does COVOAD help when a disaster strikes in Colorado? COVOAD can facilitate access to much needed resources through it's network of disaster relief agencies with minimal or no cost to local communities.

Today's workshop covers COVOAD orientation, strategic plan updates, how to integrate and activate COVOAD resources, presentations by member agencies on recent actions and afternoon sessions focused on recovery.

Colorado Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster - Workshop Presentations

Quick Activation Guide
Memorandum of Agreement 211-Division of Emergency Management (Template)
Colorado Donations Volunteer Management Network (CDVMN) - One-Page Info Sheet
COVOAD Sub-Committee Sign-Up Sheet
COVOAD Strategic Plan
COVOAD Strategic Plan (No Attachments)
COVOAD Brochure
Donations-Volunteer Coordination Team Fourmile Canyon Fire After Action Report