News Release: Colorado Emergency Operations Center Supports Fremont County Return to Nature Incident



Resources arriving to support investigation and clean up.

The Colorado State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) was activated on October 5, 2023 to support Fremont County and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation with hazardous materials and criminal investigation resources through a verbal disaster emergency declaration. The SEOC secured numerous resources to support the response, recovery and mitigation efforts. These resources will begin arriving in Fremont County today and include the following:

  • Six Member Type III Incident Management Team
  • Security Fencing
  • Security Staff
  • Colorado National Guard Fatality Management Team
  • Tents
  • Body bags
  • Visqueen and Miscellaneous Supplies
  • Coroner Staffing Support
  • Refrigeration Trucks
  • Morgue Trailer
  • Food for Incident Staff
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Funding for these resources will come from the state’s Disaster Emergency Fund as approved in the emergency declaration. Additional resources will be provided by federal partners supporting this event.

The Colorado Joint Information Center is handling media inquires for both the county and state in this incident. We will not be providing specific details on the activities of the response and recovery work. An update will be provided once the building is cleared. This process may take several months.