Colorado Daily Staus Report: March 15, 2021


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image showing the life lines. All are green except transportation is red

State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) Status

Level 1: The SEOC is fully activated at level one operations in a Unified Command Center (UCC) in support of  COVID-19 and incoming winter storm.   The UCC is operational Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

COVID-19 Current Overview

  • 443,968  Cases
  • 947 New Cases Reported
  • 283 COVID-19 Patients Hospitalized
  • 41 COVID-19 Patients Under Investigation Hospitalized
  • 2,651,715  People Tested
  • 6,038  Deaths Among All Cases
  • 6,072 Deaths Due to COVID19
  • 3.46% 7-Day Positivity Rate
  • Link to COVID-19 website case data  

Vaccine Doses Administered 

  • People Immunized with One Dose: 1,212,577
  • People Immunized with Two Doses: 737,903
  • Cumulative Doses Administered: 1,846,905
  • Cumulative Doses Distributed: 1,914,356
  • Vaccine Phase: 1A and 1B
  • Link to COVID-19 vaccine administration data 

Colorado Major Disaster Declaration for 2020 Wildfires - DR4581 

Emergency Management Overview 

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