DHSEM Risk Analyst Lindsey Shaw Receives Department "Get Stuff Done" Award

Lindsey Shaw

Lindsey Shaw
Lindsey Shaw is a Risk Analyst within the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. In 2017, Shaw lead the roll-out of a new the tool that the State of Colorado is using statewide to alert employees of emergency situations.

This was no small effort – in fact, it was so important that its successful roll-out was selected as a “wildly important goal” for both the division and the department. Director Hilkey committed to the Governor’s office to meet a Strategic Policy Initiative (SPI) goal of achieving implementation of the system across at least 75 percent of State Executive branch agencies by June 30, 2017. Shaw achieved 94 percent implementation by June 30 and is on track for 100 percent implementation by the end of September.

This project involved multiple facets including crafting policy, engaging stakeholders, delivering training, setting up the system, and providing technical assistance to each department’s point of contact. She listened to stakeholders’ concerns and applied her problem-solving skills to overcome barriers to participation in the program.

Implementation of this system supports our departmental vision, “creating safer and more resilient communities across Colorado,” because promoting safety and resiliency begins internally with our own staff.