Call for Proposals: Silver Jacket Team Inter-agency Project

Information on the Call for Proposals for the Silver Jacket Team has been posted to the DHSEM Mitigation and Recovery Section website.

Proposal Overview

As in previous years, a portion of FY17 Flood Plain Management Services (FPMS) funding is apportioned to interagency work. The FPMS budget was increased in order to achieve the Administration’s objective to utilize the agency’s expertise in engineering to provide local communities and States with technical and planning assistance regarding the development and implementation of nonstructural approaches to manage and reduce flood risks.

Inter-agency work promotes participation by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) staff in small efforts undertaken in conjunction with other partners in order to achieve flood risk management benefits that could not be achieved by any one party alone. This Call for Proposals invites proposals for that purpose, with a focus on nonstructural approaches.

To discuss project ideas, please contact Jamie Prochno with the USACE Omaha District at or 402-995-2348

USACE will lead the effort to draft and submit proposals for interagency projects proposed by the Colorado Silver Jackets team.