Public Assistance Applicant Teleconference for DR-4229

DHSEM is shifting the DR-4229 Applicant Assistance teleconference from biweekly to a monthly basis. The next teleconference will not take place until Thursday, November 12th at 1:30 p.m. We encourage all DR-4229 applicants to reply to this email or to contact the DHSEM team with any questions.  View the DR-4229 minutes from the October 15, 2015 call.

All PWs must be written by Thanksgiving

FEMA is on track to transition out of Colorado around Thanksgiving, as scheduled. It is crucial for applicants to work with their FEMA PA Project Specialist to get the information necessary to complete the PWs as soon as possible. DHSEM has asked FEMA to use estimations to help accelerate the process. We must stay focused on making sure all PWs are written before FEMA leaves Colorado to prevent the PWs from getting stuck in the backlog of DR-4145.

DR-4229 PA Summary

Please see the DR-4229 PA Summary report. As of today, FEMA has obligated sixty-seven (67) project worksheets. Purchase Orders (POs) are written for small projects (<$121,600) and Grant Agreements (GAs) are written for large projects (>$121,600).
  • Thirty-eight (38) PWs are drafted as either POs or GAs
  • Nineteen (19) POs and one (1) GA have passed the initial approval process at DHSEM and have been submitted to CDPS for final approval.
  • Eleven (11) have passed the initial approval process at DHSEM and will be submitted to CDPS for approval by COB today.
  • Five (5) GAs are with the Sub-Grantee for signature.
  • Two (2) PWs will be written as amendments and are waiting for the original GA to be executed.
  • Twenty-nine (29) PWs will be converted into POs or GAs by the end of next week.

 Zix Secure Portal

The State of Colorado has moved towards encryption protection for emails with sensitive information. All emails sent to and from DHSEM will be scanned by the secure encryption tool known as Zix. Messages containing certain keywords will automatically be encrypted to ensure confidentiality. If the email is encrypted, you will need to retrieve it from the Zix portal by following the process outlined in the attachment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and we are happy to help if there is any confusion on the process.
Zix Secure Portal document and directions.