Public Comment Period Open Until Dec. 31 for State Strategic Plan

The State of Colorado Homeland Security and All-Hazards Strategic Plan public comment period opens today and is open until December 31, 2013. The input of all those living and working in the state is an important finale step for the all-hazards strategic planning process.

This document establishes an all-hazards strategic framework for the State of Colorado and its jurisdictions, agencies, non-governmental organizations, private sector partners and residents to prevent, protect, mitigate, respond and recover from all-hazards. It is a joint, multi-jurisdictional, multi-organizational document that provides long range direction and guidance for stakeholders and leadership within the State of Colorado.

The goals, strategies, objectives and tasks outlined in this strategic plan will enable the State of Colorado to improve all-hazard preparedness and resiliency, leading to fewer lives lost, reduced economic impacts in affected communities, improved response capabilities, and faster recovery time.

State of Colorado Homeland Security & All-Hazards Strategic Plan

Read the final draft of the State of Colorado Homeland Security & All-Hazards Strategic Plan.   After reading the document use the comment form below to share your thoughts.

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