Sequestration Information from OEM Director

FEMA is circulating a letter about sequestration and grants. Additional information from OEM is that the House today proposed a continuing resolution to fund the government for the rest of the Federal Fiscal Year at the post-sequestration rates.  We will need to see what the Senate does,however, a continuing resolution passed by Congress and signed by the President would allow FEMA to award their grants. 

Based on some calculations by NEMA's legislative liaison, it appears that EMPG will be cut from $350 million to $332.5 million in this proposal.  If this holds true, it means Colorado's programs will be unaffected except for a reduction in funding for special projects.  This estimate is less than the 10% cut OEM Director, Dave Hard, discussed at the Colorado Emergency Management conference.

The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management will continue to provide updates as they become available through the Division Update, the Division website and on the COEmergency site.