OEM Monitors Weather Warnings and Forecasts: A Look at Predicted Weather

Are You Prepared for the Approaching Weather?

Northeast Plains

Blizzard Warning from 0800-2000 12/19/2012.  We will see winds 25-40 MPH with gust approaching 50 MPH and 1/4 visibility in places.  Total accumulation of 3-6 inches with the heaviest accumulation within the morning hours.  There will be snow and blowing snow into the evening hours within the Northeast Plains.  Interstates I-70 & I-76 going east could see blowing and drifting snow within these corridors.

 Urban Areas  

(North and North East of the Metro Area to include Elbert and Douglas)  Winter Weather Advisory from 0300-1700 12/19/2012.  Winds will be 15-30 MPH with gusts up to 40 MPH which will produce blowing and drifting snow conditions.  Total accumulation of 3-8 inches, with the heaviest snowfall in the morning.  Snow will continue to develop tonight and should end before sunset Wednesday within this area.

Metro Area

Winter Weather Advisory from 0300-1700 12/19/2012.  Winds will be 20-30 MPH with gusts up to 40 MPH> Total accumulation of 3-6 inches.  The snow should end before sunset within this area.  NWS is predicting a heavy RUSH HOUR Traffic with the snow and blowing wind for the commute home.


Winter Weather Advisory from 0300-1700 12/19/2012.  We will see high accumulation within the foothills of 4-8 inches.  This area is still same conditions as the metro and urban areas relative to winds and snow ending near sunset.

Mountain Above 9000 Ft.

Hazardous Weather Outlook issued for these areas. Will be consistent with the predictive weather in the Foothills, however we will see higher accumulation of snow approaching 6-14 inches.

 South & Southeast Region

 Blizzard Watch is in effect from Wednesday afternoon through Wednesday evening.  Winds 35-45 MPH with gusts of 55-65 MPH.  Visibility will be 1/4 in spots of snow and blowing snow.  Snow accumulations of 1-2 inches between Highway 50 and Highway 96

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