Course Announcements - Rapids Needs Assessment - Longmont/Highlands Ranch

The Division is hosting two Rapid Needs Assessment (G.250.7) courses in the near future.  The first course will be held February 22, 2011 at the Southwest County Service Center in Longmont, Colorado.  The second course will be held on April 7, 2011 at the Douglas County Sheriff's Office in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

For more on the Longmont RNA Course, see the Course Flyer
For more on the Highlands Ranch RNA Course, see the Course Flyer

The G250.7 Rapid Needs Assessment Course is a required course in the Advanced Professional Series.  The course teaches the need and development of plans/procedures for rapidly and efficiently collecting disaster intelligence (lifesaving) following a disaster.  This intelligence can rapidly be used to develop response prioriteis, allocate available resources and specifically requrest resources from other sources to save and sustain lives.

Registration for both of the courses will be through Course ID: 1024910 and for more information, contact DEM's Training Officer, Robin Knappe at or at (720) 852-6617.