All of us know what FEMA stands for, right? Do you know what NETC acronym is?

From Robyn Knappe, DEM Training Manager- - (720) 852-6617

NETC is the National Emergency Training Center located in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Since 1979, the Emergency Management Institute shares the 107 acre campus campus with United States Fire Administration and the National Fire Academy.

The EMI is the Emergency Management Institute funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and open to government employees and others in the emergency management field. EMI is the training institution that provides national leadership in developing and delivering training to ensure individuals and groups have key emergency management responsibilities, including FEMA employees, possess the requisite skills to effectively perform their jobs.  Some federal employees do have special rules for attendance. There may also be other partners (non profit or private) who are allowed to also attend EMI training classes.  The reimbursement policy varies by class.  Over 400 courses are offered.

EMI is a resource for all of you.  With tightening budgets, this is still a federal training facility that provides reimbursement for your travel and gives you a place to roost at night (albeit a dorm room bed).  You do pay for the meal ticket for the week – but you have to eat no matter where you are.

FEMA/EMI also has a training facility in Anniston Alabama – Noble Center and also has sponsored other training facilities in the past.  Generally, if they are state sponsored, they are not eligible for reimbursement for travel and lodging. If you attend a FEMA EMI sponsored training in another state, neither EMI nor the State of Colorado Training Division will pay/reimburse for you to attend/travel. Notwithstanding, you can still attend with appropriate approvals and space available but it would be an agency or personal responsibility.

EMI has lots of classes aimed at preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery.  The catalog is on line and the schedule of classes is by semester.  Since this is a nationwide registration process – the classes fill months in advance.

Some important facts about submitting your EMI application:
1) There is a new form called FEMA 119-25-1.  It replaces the old 75-5.  All classes applied for MUST be on the new federal form.
2) All applications MUST have the CDEM State Training Officer (STO) signature to be processed.  Unless, it is an invitational only class or offered through FEMA Region VIII.  Please fax to 720-852-6617 or scan to
3) If you send the applications directly to EMI, they will be sent back for signature.
4) If you hope to train as a group or attend training as a team, please make arrangements at least 6 months in advance to submit all training applications as a group to the CDEM State Training officer.
5) Questions about prerequisites or other travel related questions can be directed to: Robyn Knappe 720-852-6617 or

Next month, we will be soliciting applications for the 2012 Integrated Emergency Management Course (IEMC) – Community Specific course where 70 people from one jurisdiction attend a resident course at EMI as a team. It is aimed at jurisdictions of over 250,000 in population.

If you are in emergency management and haven’t been there to attend classes – you have not arrived. My first trip was in 1985 and I attended one of the first IEMC Train The Trainer courses with the US territory of Guam.  In the past few years, I have been there many times, each one memorable in its own right.

Go to for more information and the new application form.
The catalog can be found at