Denver Urban Area Security Initiative Bulletin

If you live in the Denver Metro area and are not signed up to receive the Denver Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Bulletin, you are missing out.  It is your source in the area for the latest information regarding public and professional safety/security training opportunities, recaps of safety/security-related trainings and events affecting the front range, and Denver-UASI staff contact information.

What is the Denver UASI?  It is a multi-partner program hosted by the Denver Emergency Management and Homeland Security Office, one of 60 across the country, to receive grant monies from the Department of Homeland Security Urban Security Initiative program to equip and train first responders and promote community education and resilience against security threats. 

The most recognized "face" of the Denver-UASI effort is the READYColorado Program, a program which supports outreach, education and materials to enhance citizen preparedness.  Our Division is a partner and avid supporter of the READYColorado program and works closely with our Denver-UASI colleagues on a wide range of training and outreach efforts. 

However, the efforts of Denver-UASI reach far beyond just the READYColorado Program.  As a provider of preparedness training classes to hosting the first-ever Shared Strategies for Homeland Security Conference here in Denver this coming December, the program's efforts are making a tangible difference in promoting awareness and linking subject-matter experts with those who have a desire to learn and apply their knowledge to make our communities safer (note:  interested in learning more about the Conference?  Check out the Shared Strategies Conference Facebook page for some cool behind-the-scenes on the what, why and who of this international security conference... going to be very, very interesting!).

So, in addition to the READYColorado Newsletter, the Denver-UASI also sends around a periodic newsletter, called the Denver-UASI Bulletin to keep you up to speed on the latest initiatives and education opportunities.  So go ahead, Sign Up for the Denver-UASI Newsletter and find out what others are doing and what you do in your neighborhood to make it safer!