DEM Mitigation Team and Info

Pictured (right to left): Ken Brink, Scott Baldwin,
Deanna Butterbaugh, Victoria Smith and Iain Hyde
While operations and response tend to be the most profiled part of emergency management organizations, the ultimate goal is to mitigate the need for a robust and well-used operations component.  Recognizing their name may betray the office's unstated goal, the DEM's Mitigation Office's primary responsibility is to provide mitigation specific information, technical assistance and funding to local governments, state agencies and the general public.  The office is responsible for the administration and funding of the State Hazard Mitigation Plan which helps guide assistance to local government; the Disaster Preparedness Improvement Grant initiative to link hazard mitigation to local comprehensive planning efforts and the post-Presidential Disaster Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.  The first part of this year, as you may be aware, the office is entrenched with out partners hammering out the new updates to the State Hazard Mitigation Plan.

While we migrate and link info on the new Mitigation Office's home here on COEmergency, I wanted to pass along the Office's contact information and initial resource links.  On this page, you will be able to find contact and program information, access the latest in DEM Mitigation News and keep up to speed with the status of hazard mitigation plans across the State.

They are the backbone of all our grant administration programs and, in the most tangible and on-the-ground realized effort of our Division, are making our communities safer and more secure.

DEM Mitigation Office Staff
State Mitigation Officer - Marilyn Gally - (720) 852-6694
Mitigation Team Supervisor - Ken Brink - (720) 852-6695
Administrative Assistant - Scott Baldwin - (720) 852-6696
Mitigation Specialist - Deanna Butterbaugh - (720) 852-6697
Mitigation Specialist - Iain Hyde - (720) 852-6698
Mitigation Technical Specialist - Victoria Smith - (720) 852-6699


DEM Mitigation Resources