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Since fire bans and restrictions in Colorado are the purview of local jurisdictions and may vary widely across the state, it can be time-consuming and difficult to track down the specific restrictions in effect where you live or play.  In an effort to fill that gap, Chris Sorensen, the Emergency Manager in Kiowa County, is leading a voluntary effort to consolidate and provide this information online at Too, Chris is maintaining a great Twitter feed to complement the site at is a critical, free listing service for fire ban statuses across Colorado. Any county, tribal government, municipality or fire district is welcome to submit status changes at any time. Links to fire ban ordinances, local status or agency pages, and other contact information can also be posted. Many entities are already listed, but welcomes submissions from any agency that isn't currently on the list.

Information can be sent to or

Don't forget to check the current status listed for your agency, and send updates!!!