Southeast Tornados - April 22, 2010

I got some pics from our Regional Field Manager, Chad Ray, from yesterday's tornado, hail and flood events I wanted to pass along. Too, the Pueblo National Weather Service office put together an interesting presentation on the Bent and Kiowa County Tornadoes you might want to check out, too - Pueblo NWS Bent and Kiowa County Tornado Presentation

Now, that is some significant hail.  Interested in learning more about hail safety?  Take a look at our DEM's Hail Safety Tips on the Division's website.  Good info to have to make sure that when this comes down from the sky, you aren't in it's target path.

This is a pic of the tornado that touched down outside of Hasty, Colorado.

Tornado activity usually doesn't happen all by itself, it generally brings along some equally unwanted friends such as hail and flooding, particularly flash flooding in areas that are receiving heavy rainfall.  Get more safety tips from DEM's Flood Safety Page.  This was in Kiowa County.

 Another pic of the flooding in Kiowa County.