Hail Safety and Flash Flood Tips

Hail Safety Tips

If you are in an automobile:
  • Stop driving. If you can see a safe place close by (like inside a garage, under a highway overpass, or under a service station awning), drive there as soon as you can. Make sure you pull completely off the highway.Do NOT leave the vehicle until it stops hailing. Your car will furnish reasonable protection.
  • Stay away from car windows. Cover your eyes with something (like a piece of clothing). If possible, get onto the floor face down, or lie down on the seat with your back to the windows. Put very small children under you, and cover their eyes.
If you are in a building:
  • Stay inside until the hail stops.Stay away from the windows, especially those being struck by hail.
  • Account for all family members, building occupants, pets, etc.
  • Do not go outside for any reason. Large hail can cause serious or even fatal injuries.
  • Avoid using phones and electrical appliances during a severe storm to avoid the danger of electrocution from lightning.
If you are outdoors:
  • If you are caught outdoors, seek shelter immediately. If you can't find something to protect your entire body, at least find something to protect your head.
  • Stay out of culverts and lowland areas that might fill suddenly with water.
  • Trees are a last resort. It is common during severe storms for trees to lose branches. Also, large isolated trees attract lightning.

Flash Flood Safety Tips
  • Flash floods can move at incredible speeds.
  • If a flash flood warning is issued, or you realize a flash flood is coming, act quickly to save lives.
  • You may have only seconds!
  • Move to high ground - do not attempt to outrun the flood.
  • Even 6 inches of fast-moving flood water can knock you off your feet, and a depth of two feet will float your car!
  • NEVER try to walk, swim, or drive through such swift water. If you come upon flood waters, STOP! TURN AROUND AND GO ANOTHER WAY.