Colorado Information Analysis Center Honored by US Secret Service

On January 24 the United States Secret Service honored the Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC) and eight analysts from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Denver Police Department and the Colorado State Patrol, for their dedication to identify threats to the 2012 Presidential Debate in Denver, Colorado.

Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Bruce Ward, presented the CIAC and the affiliated criminal analysts with special recognition for their outstanding efforts and cited specific examples of the threats mitigated by the team.

During the 2012 debates, a multi-agency analytical team was composed in the CIAC to focus on potential threats to the candidates and the venue. The team identified dozens of threats in real time and quickly vetted the information before passing it to the command post at Denver University for immediate investigation. The CIAC team identified every threat against the event, including an unexpected mass of protestors advancing on the venue in violation of multiple laws.