Comments Requested- Type 3 All-Hazard Position Task Books for FEMA

Federal Register Volume 76, Number 192 (Tuesday, October 4, 2011)

FR Doc No: 2011-25578

The All-Hazard Position Task Books for Type 3 Incident Management Teams were developed to assist personnel achieve qualifications in the All-Hazard Incident Command System (ICS) positions. The position task books also provide the documentation necessary for agencies and organizations to evaluate their personnel and certify their personnel as qualified to the positions. The position task books supplement the qualification requirements contained in the NIMS Job Titles, which specify any Education, Training, Experience, Physical/Medical Fitness, Currency, and Licensure/Certification for each position. The position task books have been derived from National Wildfire Coordinating Group position task books to leverage their successful experience in managing the qualifications of their personnel.

The position task books in this initial group contain: 
1. Incident Commander. 
2. Public Information Officer. 
3. Safety Officer. 
4. Liaison Officer. 
5. Operations Section Chief. 
6. Planning Section Chief 
7. Finance/Administration Section Chief. 
8. Logistics Section Chief.
9. Service Branch Director/Support Branch Director. 
10. Branch Director (Operations Section). 
11. Division/Group Supervisor. 
12. Unit Leader. 
13. Strike Team/Task Force Leader. 
14. Technical Specialist.

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