EMI- Train the Trainer NIMS ICS Position Specific Classes

FEMA's Emergency Management Institute  will be offering four NIMS ICS All-Hazards Position Specific train-the-trainer classes on their campus at the National Emergency Training Center in Emmitsburg, Maryland this fall. This is the only time during the federal fiscal year 2012 that these classes will be offered in a train-the-trainer format, so interested persons are encouraged to apply in a timely manner. 

Scheduled classes include:
  • E-957 Liaison Officer TTT -  October 11 – 12, 2011
  • E-599 Operations Section Chief TTT – October 31 – November 3, 2011
  • E-955 Safety Officer TTT – November 28 – December 1, 2011
  • E-968 Logistics Section Chief TTT – December 5 – 9, 2011
NIMS ICS All-Hazards Position Specific training should be completed by personnel who are currently members of Type III or Type IV IMT’s, or by those seeking credentials/certification for ICS Command and General Staff or Unit Leader positions.  Train-the-trainers for those classes are designed for those personnel who are experienced instructors, are well familiar with the ICS system, and have a desire to teach selected Position Specific classes. Person(s) interested in attending should meet the selection criteria for the course as noted in the EMI Course Catalog and submit FEMA Application Form 119-25-1 to NETC Admissions through their respective State Training Officers. If you have any questions, please contact the EMI Course Manager: Robert L. Ridgeway, Training Specialist, Robert.Ridgeway@dhs.gov, 301.447.1142