Upcoming Training Opportunities

The Colorado Department of Emergency Management would like to remind you of three training opportunities quickly approaching.

Rapid Needs Assessment (FEMA G250.7)
 8/12 Carbondale, CO

This is a required course in the FEMA Advanced Professional Series (APS).  For more info contact Robyn Knappe.
The course is intended for emergency managers and related disciplines.  Learn how to rapidly and effectively collect damage and impact information in the community immediately following a disaster.  The emphasis is on lifesaving and prioritization of resource allocation.

Evacuation and Re-Entry Class (FEMA G358)
 8/16-8/17 Pueblo, CO
This 1.5 day course is intended for those responsible for writing evacuation and re-entry plans and procedures and for those executing the evacuation plans.

Basic Public Information Officer (FEMA G290)
9/28-9/29 Fort Collins, CO
This two day course is intended for Public Information Officer's (PIO's).  The emphasis is on the basic skills and knowledge needed for emergency management public information.