Colorado's Animal Emergency Management Program

The Colorado Veterinary Medical Foundation’s Animal Emergency Management Program (AEMP) provides support with animal emergency planning and response to communities throughout the State.

Through AEMP’s coordination of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps, members were deployed this spring to:
respond to the Burning Tree Fire to assist with the opening and staffing of a small animal shelter at the County Fairgrounds;
provide veterinary services to 50 canine search and rescue teams undergoing certification at the Denver International Airport Rubble Pile;
support the movement of animals to the new Denver Animal Shelter by providing planning and evaluation assistance; and
train participants on animal emergency response at Colorado’s Volunteer Capacity Building Workshop.

AEMP also provides planning and capacity-building assistance to local jurisdictions in Colorado.  Thanks to funding from the Animal Assistance Foundation, the Banfield Charitable Trust and the Colorado Division of Emergency Management, AEMP has added an Animal Emergency Planner in Western Colorado that has led in advancements in animal emergency response in the San Luis Valley and Archuleta County.  Planning activities are underway in Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel Counties.  In the near future, AEMP will hire an Animal Emergency Planner to support the Metro Denver area using funding awarded from the Denver Urban Area Security Initiative.  AEMP has provided support to Boulder County in enhancing its animal response plan as a result of lessons learned from the Four Mile Canyon Fire.

Supporting companion and service animal issues in the State Emergency Operations Center and providing resources to local animal response efforts are a responsibility of AEMP.  Staff and volunteers continue to train and exercise and supported both the Four Mile Canyon and Burning Tree events by facilitating the provision of necessary response resources.

For more information on AEMP visit their website  To have AEMP assist your community, contact Deborah Foote, Director at or 303.539.7633.