Shared Strategies for Homeland Security - Recap/Links

This past week, the  Denver Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) hosted the "Shared Strategies for Homeland Security" Conference.  The Conference drew in nearly 700 domestic and international subject matter experts from the first responder, medical/public health, private sector and citizen preparedness fields. We pitch in with the hosting effort and wrote a series of articles through the week on to help share the information from inside the Conference.  While we are in the process of uploading all the additional slides, videos and pulling together our notes for more articles, there were some articles posted as-it-happened that you might find interesting:

The Terrorism Threat:  Fact or Fiction?
Speaker:  Mike Walker, Chairman of the Board of Plexus Scientific Corporation and former Acting Secretary of the Army and Deputy Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Social Media and Public Warnings
Speaker: Dr. Dennis Mileti, Professor Emeritus and former Director, Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado

Emergency Medical System and Pre-Hospital Response:  Israeli-Style
Speaker:  Uri Sacham, Director General's Head of Office, Magen David Adom

Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology - Innovation Efforts to Support Emergency Responders
Speaker:  Susan Law, Deputy Director, Interagency Programs, Department of Homeland Security - Science and Technology

Media and Terror
Speaker:  Gil Kleiman, for Public Information Office with the Israeli National Police (2001-2004 during period of intense terror activity in Israel)

Resolve to be Ready
Speaker:  Richard Serino, Deputy Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency

Israeli Healthcare System:  On Constant Alert
Speaker:  Dr. Daniel Laor, Director of Emergency and Disaster Management Division, Ministry of Health

Crisis Communications - Break-Out Session Exercise Re-Cap
Panelists: Dan Alexander, Director, Denver Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security; Matt Murray, Lieutenant, Denver Police Department; Charles Marrone, Program Manager, McMunn Associates and Holly Vaughn, Senior Associate, McMunn Associates

Lessons Learned from Disaster Interventions:  A Personal Perspective
Speaker:  Dr. Reuven Gal, Senior Research Fellow, Kinneret Institute for Social, Security and Peace Studies in Israel

Structuring the Administrative Side of a Hospital for Disaster
Speaker:  Dr. Charles Little, Medical Director, Emergency Preparedness, University Hospital and The Center for Integrated Disaster Health Preparedness

Sharing Strategies for Effective Collaboration
Speaker:  Dr. Michael Fraser, Chief Executive Officer, Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs

Austin, TX, Response to a Deliberate Plane Crash into a Federal Building
Speaker:  Assistant Chief George Blackmoore, Special Operations and Homeland Security, Austin Fire Department