Denver Hosts International Conference on Homeland Security and Terrorism

More than 600 people from all over the country will gather in Denver next week for a first of its kind conference designed to improve safety and security. The Shared Strategies For Homeland Security conference, put on by the Denver Urban Area Security Initiative, with funding from FEMA/DHS, will integrate first responders, healthcare professionals, the business community and citizens with information, ideas and concepts from around the world that promote increased safety and security.

More than 70 presenters will address four main disciplines: business and critical infrastructure, community resiliency, first responder needs, and medical/health issues. Presentations include topics such as Terror Medicine, Cyber Security, Lessons from Israeli Bombing Investigations and Law Enforcement in a Terror Environment. Speakers come from all disciplines and will include Richard Serino, Deputy Administrator of FEMA as well as numerous security experts from Israel.

The goal is to engage a broad cross section of people throughout a community – from police and fire to business and citizens – in the discussion and planning of safety and security issues. Speaker information and the conference schedule is at:

Note:  During the Conference, the Division of Emergency Management and others will be posting updates on the Shared Strategies Blog and on Twitter using the #sshs tag.