Colorado Daily Status Report: February 28, 2022

Colorado Daily Status Report Link to the full report:

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State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) Status Level 1

The SEOC is activated at level one operations in support of COVID-19 recovery with the addition of federal partners in the facility, Marshall Fire recovery efforts with a State/FEMA Joint Field Office standing up, Afghan evacuees and drought recovery efforts. The SEOC is operational Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Colorado Joint Field Office

Activated with support from State / FEMA staff.  Current Colorado Incidents Supported by DHSEM and State EOC DHSEM Regional Field Managers, Strategic Communications Director and SEOC General Staff are providing technical support and monitoring the resource needs of the following incidents:

Boulder Fires and Straight Line Winds 


Donation and Resource Center Update

  • 2,827 Survivors Served 
  • 1,161 Families Supported
  • 125,565 Articles Distributed
  • $24,139 Gift Cards Issued

Disaster Assistance Update

  • Total Registrations:  3,280
  • Daily Registrations:  5
  • Individual Household Program (IHP) Dollars Approved: $1,607,571
  • Housing Assistance (HA) Dollars Approved: $1,043,954
  • Other Needs Assistance (ONA) Dollars Approved: $563,117
    • IHP Dollars Disbursed: $1,639,117
    • HA Dollars Disbursed: $1,058,803
    • ONA Dollars Disbursed: $580,314
  • Inspections Issued: 769
    • Inspections Returned: 744
    • Inspections Complete: 96.75%
  • Funerals Paid: 0
    • Funeral Dollars Approved: $0
  • Number of Disaster Assistance Centers / Disaster Recovery Centers Open: 1
    • Total DRC Activity: 2,919
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Applications Received: Home Loans: 1,789
  • SBA Applications Received: Business: 191
  • Total SBA Applications Received: 1,980
  • SBA Loans Approved: Homes:  466
    • SBA Home Loan Dollars Approved: $74,725,500
  • SBA Loans Approved: Business: 25
    • SBA Business Loan Dollars Approved: $4,172,500
  • Total SBA Loan Dollars Approved: $78,898,000

Overview of Boulder Fires and Straight-Line Winds

Find a more detailed list of Marshall Fire links and resources on our Marshall Fire website page. December 30, 2021, Governor Jared Polis declared at state of emergency due to the Marshall Fire. On December 31, President Joe Biden approved a major disaster declaration.

COVID-19 Current Overview

Feb. 28 is the last day that COVID-19 data will be shared in detail on our daily update. It will continue to be shared on the site.
  • 1,311,061 Cases
  • 549 New Cases Reported 
  • 369 COVID-19 Patients Hospitalized
  • 47 COVID-19 Patients Under Investigation Hospitalized
  • 4,757,802  People Tested
  • 11,752 Deaths Among All Cases
  • 12,439 Deaths Due to COVID19
  • 4.53% 7-Day Positivity Rate
  • Link to COVID-19 website case data  

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

  • People Immunized with One Dose: 4,418,082
  • People Fully Vaccinated: 3,959,942
  • Eligible People Fully Immunized: 72.85%
  • Cumulative Doses Administered:  10,279,468
  • Cumulative Doses Distributed:  9,901,710
  • Vaccine Phase: 1A and 1B
  • Link to COVID-19 vaccine administration data

Afghan Evacuees