Final News Release: Ouray County Plane Crash

March 23, 2014 -   4:00 p.m.

RidgwayColorado – Ouray CountyColorado


Contact:Marti Whitmore – Ouray County Attorney and Public Information Officer






Recovery operation divers have been successful today in locating all five victims inside the wreckage of the plane.   Video images taken by the remote camera were confirmed by the dive team.  

Closer inspection of the wreckage has revealed extensive damage to the plane, and a location in deep silt.   Due to the extensive damage and orientation of the wrecked plane, divers cannot safely recover any of the victims until the wreckage can be brought to shore.  An aviation salvage team specializing in this type of wreckage has been contacted and will be on site on Wednesday to assist in the recovery.  

The Ouray County Coroner has not yet identified the victims as they have not been recovered.    Ridgway State Park remains closed at this time.