OEM Weekly Update ~ September 28

Colorado Office of Emergency Management Weekly Update ~ September 28

Information included in the update:
  • October 3 Traffic Disruptions Due to Presidential Debates at DU
  • Colorado Office of Emergency Management Exercise Calendar
  • 2013 Colorado Emergency Management Academy
  •  Operation Vortex
  • Colorado Flood Threat Portal
  • 2013 Colorado Emergency Management Conference:  Resilience through Collaboration
  • Local Emergency Planning Committee
  • FEMA Announces 2012 Community Resilience Innovation Challenge
  • Job Announcements
  • Kudos and Congratulations
  • Educational Resources
    •  October Social Media Preparedness Messages
    • Disaster and Emergency Medicine Presentation
    • Researchers Study Waldo Canyon Fire Twitter Activity
    • Public Information Symposium and Networking Conference
    • Crisis Communication Plan from Jefferson County IMT III Team
    • Denver Community Emergency Response Training
  • Training Information
    • Denver UASI Trainings
    • Wildfire Hazard Training
    • Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) A-Team Training
    • EMI Training Opportunities
    • September Courses 
    • October Courses
    • November Courses
    • December Courses
If you would like to submit information for the OEM Weekly Update, please email it to Micki Trost, Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management PIO at micki.trost@state.co.us.