Denver UASI Presents: Shared Strategies for Homeland Security

Just a reminder - In December 2010, Denver's Urban Area Security Initiative Program will be hosting a unique homeland security conference titled, "Denver UASI Presents:  Shared Strategies for Homeland Security".  Like many agencies and partners across the area, we are pitching in here at the Division to help support and participate in the conference.  As a part of this support, I recently got a sneak peek at the developing speaker's list and jumped at the chance to help!

Actually... in reading details on the speakers and participants, Denver UASI is going to be hosting what appears to be 4 conferences in 1 with the primary goal of bringing together emergency managers/first responders, healthcare professionals, business and critical infrastructure representatives and community preparedness and resiliency experts together to share ideas on how to improve collective security.  Organized by tracks to help subject matter experts share ideas within their areas and then through combined, joint sessions with the other tracks, the conference will be a ground-breaking effort in information-sharing.

While there are more details available about the conference schedule and speakers on the Conference's blog site at, I can pass on that the conference will host Israeli improvised explosive device (IED) experts, representatives from the Israeli emergency medical services, including from Magan David Adom, and a growing number of national experts in warning systems, initial/first response, emergency medical services, legal issues and social media. 

For more on the conference, check out the following: